How does a mushrooms weighing line work?

The semi-automatic mushroom weighing line is extremely suitable for checking pre-filled punnets.
This system has already proved its use particularly for mushroom packaging stations.

An operator puts the punnets, which are already pre-filled, onto a conveyor belt by hand.
The first checkweigher checks the weight and then divides the punnets into three lines:

Correct weight, Overweight, Underweight.

Punnets that have the correct weight, are sent straight on to the packaging machine. Puniest filled to under the standard weight are put in a queue on five weighing belts and those with too much weight are put in another queue on five weighing belts. All weighing belts are equipped with a LED-bar-system, so that you can see clearly how much the weight deviates from the tolerance field.

A second operator adjusts the weight by hand as guided by the LED-bar. The punnets then continue on their way to the packaging machine. A third operator places the punnets in cartons or crates.

Advantages of the mushroom weighing line:

  • High capacity – up to 100/minute;
  • Short product throughput time;
  • Minimum giveaway;
  • Reduced labour costs;
  • A straight and orderly line.

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