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When you are in need of an innovative weighing system, we can help you out. These kind of systems are DWC particular specialization! With years of experience in smart and accurate weighing and checking of products, we are able to offer you the best weight checking machine in the food industry.

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Innovative weighing systems in many forms

Let us know what you require for your innovative weighing systems and we will deliver a system tailored to your needs. We offer several types of innovative weighing systems. Whether you need a standard set of scales, platform scales, a sample-weighing system or a special, we are happy to help. We do not only examine the whole process with you, we will also design a bespoke solution. Because we develop our own hardware and software, we also have the capacity to be flexible when you need to deviate from our standard systems. Some of the machinery we deliver are:

Let us know if you have any particular wishes for weighing

If you would like to know exactly what DWC has to offer, please get in touch with our employees in the Netherlands! We will tell you all about our innovative weighing systems and provide you with valuable advice. DWC is happy to construct this apparatus with your specific situation in mind. Please contact us by calling +31 416 31 58 79 or by sending an email to  

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