Perhaps you don’t need real-time information or registration software?

All positive and negative weighing systems are extremely suitable to use as a “stand-alone” system. The YES 701 controller contains an internal product database so that you can simply select a product and the scales will automatically adjust to that setting. Another unique feature, if you use this machine as a “stand-alone” system, is that you can use the TWO (Target Weight Optimisation) mode.

With this machine, you have the following advantages without needing to purchase a complete management system:

  •            You can work quickly and efficiently with the LED bar;
  •            It indicates how many grams or items you need for the tolerance field;
  •            You can reduce giveaway to an absolute minimum, thanks to the internal TWO software;
  •            Useful information appears in the display, such as the number of weightings that are OK < , > and efficiency information.

If you have any questions about the YES 701 Stand-Alone Weighing Systems, please get in touch with us!