DWC offers you a lid-closing machine for packaging that perfectly matches your wishes and needs. Lid-closing systems are ideal for pressure, shrink and screw-top lids. They meet high requirements for food packaging. Interested in how it works?


The lid-closing machine will close each type of packaging

The product that you are producing, must reach the consumer in good condition. Therefore, the end packaging plays a big role. When the product is placed in the packaging, our lid-closing machine will close them all. Our innovative machines are capable of handling different kind of lids and the machine contains a simple and solid construction with minimal maintenance. Are you curious on how the lid-closing machine works? Watch the video and discover it!

Get in touch with us for more information

Do you want to close your packaging faster by implementing a digital lid-closing machine in your process within the industry you operate? If you would like to know exactly what we at DWC – in the Netherlands – have to offer, please get in touch with us! Contact us by calling +31 416 31 58 79 or send an email to info@dutchweighingcompany.com. Our employees will be happy to help you order the best machinery for your company.