Weighing systems and other solutions are DWC’s particular specialization. Whatever you require, we can deliver: whether you need a standard set of scales, platform scales, sample-weighing solutions or a special. We examine the whole process with you and we will design a bespoke weigh solution. 

Weighing solutions with ergonomically sound

Many of our weighing solutions for the food industry, like the mushroom weighing machine, are equipped with a controller with a built-in LED-bar. The LED-bar means that the operators do not need to keep an eye on the weight themselves, but can watch the colour indicators instead. When we design and set up the system, we obviously take the operator’s operating posture into account; for instance, we construct the equipment so that repetitive movements are not necessary and we adjust it to right height.

Management information

The controller with the built-in LED-bar produces a more consistent final product, because all the components are within the tolerance fields, reducing giveaway to an absolute minimum. The management software we supply, will allow you to inspect the performance of the line and the use of raw ingredients. This software produces information on such things as the number of weighings, the average weight and all overweights and underweights; the weight machine also registers the performance per operator. This information can be linked to another company ERP software system (HRM, EXACT, SAP, etc.), producing an immediate improvement in efficiency in other departments too.

Please get in touch with us about our weigh solutions

If any of the weigh solutions or products DWC has to offer catches your interest, please see the menu or click on the images below! When you would like to know exactly what we at DWC have to offer, please contact our team in the Netherlands! Call us at +31 416 31 58 79 or send an email to info@dutchweighingcompany.com to get in touch with our experts.