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If you run a company that works in the food industry, you know that a weight measuring machine is essential to your production process. You need to know exactly how much product you want to separate from each other before packaging it. At DWC, we know that a weight measuring machine can make an enormous difference for the output of your company. When you consult our services, we try everything we can to update your entire manufacturing chain. That is why our flexible and effective service has helped our customers further along for many years.

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A good weight measuring machine is a key factor in your process

Automatizing your production process and counting systems is the main goal of DWC. That is why our weight measuring machines are constructed according to the exact measurements that you need. When you order a piece of equipment from us, we would like to hear everything about your specific situation first. That way, we might see unused possibilities that you can use to improve your business. Perhaps you want to implement your weight measuring machine with a digital software that gives you real-time information. If you work in the meal prep sector, we also have specific scales that optimize your work process and lid closing machines to close the packaging.

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If you think your production process can be helped by a great weight measuring machine and management systems, then DWC in the Netherlands is happy to construct this apparatus with your specific situation in mind. Please contact us by calling +31 416 31 58 79 or by sending an email to  

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