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An automatic weighing solution, such as our weighing machine, is a great apparatus when working in the food industry. With implemented electronic software, you always have real-time information about the production process. You may need to package your goods in specific amounts and using an automatic weighing machine will relieve that task significantly. Whether you are packaging fruits and vegetables or preparing meals, an automatic weighing solution easily updates your production process and consequently makes you work more efficiently.

Optimize your production with an automatic weighing machine

At DWC, we like to think along with our customers. Throughout our years of experience, we discovered many ways to make production processes faster and more efficient. Every single machine, including our automatic weighing solutions, is tailored exactly to your measurements and needs. If you want to connect the apparatus to an automatic and digital sorting and packaging unit, we are happy to help you realize that as well. The weight of your products is measured exactly according to the packaging that you have provided. Our automatic weighing solutions can be combined with robots to make your production process even more efficient. We have automatized production processes for years now and are happy to guide you during this process.

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