The checkweigher system has been specifically designed for the carrot-growing sector. To reduce the number of packages with an underweight to a minimum, DWC supplies in-line checking systems as weighing belts equipped with a controller with an integrated LED bar. This makes sure that you always have a complete overview of real-time information on the checkweigher.

Correctly filled packages with a checkweigher

The checkweigher system is placed in a line and you can check whether the weights are within the tolerance field quite simply with the LED bar. An operator, who is responsible for a visual check on the line, adds extra product if a package with underweight is identified. This saves sealed packages from being re-opened again in the packaging department and needing to be re-checked and replenished. To reach the full potential of your production process, you might also consider an advanced weighing machine. At DWC, we like to look at the possibilities that are still unused in your facilities, like implementing a semi-automatic weighing system or a vegetable sorting machine. That is what we have been doing for many years.

Tell us know about your production

Do you believe a checkweigher fits perfectly in your manufacturing process? When you get in contact with us, we like to hear the exact measurements and specifics. That way, we produce the apparatus tailored to your needs. Notify us by calling us at +31 416 31 58 79 or send an email to

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