Soft-Solutions to work with Dutch Weighing Company

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Dutch Weighing Company (DWS) was founded in 2016 by WP5 Projects B.V. and RTS project BV. This union enabled DWC to offer complete solutions in the area of roads and efficiency. They offer these solutions to the food industry and agricultural sector in particular.

The development and sales of PAD registration systems were not part of DWC’s product package. They were, therefore, in need of an alternate solution for their clients who make use of these systems.

Over the past year, another Dutch company, Soft-Solutions, came into contact with the RTS systems used by growers. Soft-Solutions develops the harvesting and labour registration system, Growpro. This was the reason why DWC and Soft Solutions started talks. They intend to enter into a partnership.
In the short term, it will be seen how this collaboration will work. The fact that clients can be offered a complete package is an essential factor. This package will include hardware, software, installation, and after-sales service.